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Texas Patriotism Quiz

By Bob Sherman

Take a short quiz to test your knowledge about Texas patriotism.

1. What is the State Bird of Texas?



   Humming Bird

   Mocking Bird

2. What is the State flower of Texas?





3. What is the Texas State gemestone?





4. What is the motto of Texas?

   Remember the Alamo



   Forever Faithful

5. What is the Texas State song?

   Yellow Rose of Texas

   Deep in the Heart of Texas

   Texas, Our Texas

   Texas, Now and Forever

6. What is the Texas State insect?

   Monarch Butterfly

   Dragon Fly

   Lady Bug

   Fire Ant

7. What is the Texas State tree?



   Live Oak


8. When is Texas week?

   The entire week in which March second comes

   The entire week in which June first comes

   The entire week in which April seventh comes

   The entire week in which May ninth comes

9. The Lone Star Flag represent which of the Six National Flags of Texas?





10. What is the pledge of allegiance to the state flag of Texas?

   Honor the Texas flag; I pledge allegiance to thee, Texas, one and indivisible

   Honor the flag; I pledge to you all my allegiance, now and always

   I salute you, I honor you; Texas one and only

   I pledge allegiance to the Texas Flag, now and always



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